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Watch this video and more on Yippee

Ripple’s Mix-Up Machine / A Little Moon Music


Up Next in Season 1

  • Rover’s Big Dig / The Big Sneeze Mystery

    The Moonaluna team has their hands full when a transmission tower goes on the fritz and Ted is in a panic about the possible return of an extinct lunar dinosaur. In the end, it’s Rover’s penchant for bones that saves the day.

    A sudden bout of sneezing attacks has Ripple thinking she may be aller...

  • Jim and Ted’s Wild Ride / Too Many Fl...

    A haywire remote control leads to a series of wacky incidents, including Jim and Ted trapped on a couple of runaway vehicles. It’s all hands on the flight deck to get the vehicles back under control and Ted out of the driver’s seat – fast!

    Lunar winter arrives early and Moonaluna is soon teeming...

  • Cosmic Kite / Crater Critter

    It’s a soaring adventure when Ted gets whisked away by Eco’s kite and lands high up on a hill. This is a robot rescue that requires some lofty inspiration.

    The Moonaluna team is thrilled when Ted discovers of a fascinating new creature but only until it starts chomping through everything in the ...