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The Topsy-Turvy Zone / Robo Puzzle

Season 1, Episode 21 • 22m

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  • Incredible Shrinking Ted / Rover’s Ro...

    It’s a weird and wacky day in Moonaluna when blue moon bananas grow to giant size and poor Ted shrinks smaller than a moon rat. It takes the sweet strains of Eco’s music to restore harmony.

    The super robo-pup takes the controls when his small size is just what the team needs to save the supply p...

  • Ted and the Beanstalk / Moon Pixies

    Intrepid explorer Ted discovers an amazing seed that sprouts like a sky-scraper. But instead of bringing it home to Moonaluna, he has to use it in an up, up and away rescue.

    There’s lots of moon monkey business when a shovel plays baseball with a rake, chairs spin on their own and Ted’s head get...

  • Lunar Attraction / The Floating Fruit

    Crashing comets! When Ted is bonked on the head by a comet chunk and loses his memory, it takes some magnetic maneuvering to get him back to normal.

    After eating some recently discovered fruit, both Jim and Eco experience pretty strange side effects. A “balanced” diet turns out to be the cure.