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Up Next in Season 1

  • Noses

    KINDERZOO is full of animals with funny noses. These include: Mike the
    Proboscis Monkey, Martha the Manatee, Teresa the Tapir, Joe the Elephant and Marty the Mandrill. Plus in Kinderzoo Tales we learn how Marty the Mandrill got his colourful face.

  • Colours

    Let’s take a look at the colourful animals at KINDERZOO. Some blend in very
    well to their backgrounds whereas others are quite a stand out. In this episode we look at Tarli the Tiger, Debra the Zebra, Gerry the Giraffe, Larry the Leopard, Marty the Mandrill and Tia the Tapir. Our KInderzoo Tale i...

  • Slow & Fast

    Some of the slowest animals in KINDERZOO include Boris the Slow Loris, Timmy the Giant Tortoise and Martha the Manatee and some of the fastest are Ryan the Lion, Polly the Springbok Antelope and Peta the Cheetah. In our Kinderzoo Tales segment we learn how Ryan the Lion got his roar.