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Travel Behavior

Kids Planet (21 Videos) • 25m

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  • Habits

    In this episode we will travel through the learning and reinforcement of habits, we will discover that habits are the result of repeating a good action many times until it becomes part of our life. All our activities are important! That's why we have to find time to rest, have fun, and to spend t...

  • Humility

    In this episode we will go through the world of learning the importance of humility. We will understand how to have good sportsmanship, and respect for the efforts of an opponent.We will learn that with humility we can put aside arrogance and anger and will discover that there isn’t any shame in ...

  • Tolerance

    In this episode we will discover the value of tolerance. Learning that tolerance is about living in harmony, accepting, and respecting the tastes of other people, and helping those who need it without expecting to receive something in return. We are all different and that makes the world so speci...