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Kids Planet • 25m

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  • Tolerance

    In this episode we will discover the value of tolerance. Learning that tolerance is about living in harmony, accepting, and respecting the tastes of other people, and helping those who need it without expecting to receive something in return. We are all different and that makes the world so speci...

  • Consideration

    In this episode we will travel through the value of consideration. We will discover that being nice means doing good things for people, sometimes surprising people with noble actions showing how great we can be! It’s
    important to be useful so that things work in our community, if we make an effo...

  • Communication

    In this episode we will discover the value and importance of communication.We will learn the correct ways to communicate and the main rules of the good listener. We will learn in which situations we can raise our voice and when we should respect the silence of others. We will talk about rumors an...