Family Vlog Shows

  • Face Your Fears with the Moores

    1 season

  • Lane Brigade — :60 Games Challenge!

    It's game day in the Lane house! Watch as we go head to head to see who is the ultimate wacky challenge champion!

  • Waves of Grace

    It's field trip day in the Bethke house, and today, we're going SURFING! Come join the fun as we hit the beach and then head home to talk about how waves in the ocean are just like God's grace!

  • “Jesus Loves Me” — Johnsons — Living Room Worship

    Sing along with us! Today we take “Jesus Loves Me” and make up a new song together as a family to give God all the glory. And definitely feel free to dance and pray like Dakota!

  • Lane Brigade - Epic S’mores Challenge!

    Come join us as we build an AWESOME fire pit in our backyard and then split up into teams to see who can create the most deliciously EPIC s'mores ever!

  • #1 - The Bethkes Epic Christmas Special!

    The Bethke’s are BACK! And this Christmas Jeff leads the family in epic giving and a surprise Christmas tree on the beach (oh, and presents too!)

  • Birthday-Sized Love

    Today is EXTRA special because it's our daughter Kinsley's 6th birthday! Come celebrate with us as we shower her with love, catch some awesome birthday waves, and give our girl the biggest birthday blessings we got!