Create Something Together (Crafts and Activities)

  • The Read It Then Make It Show

    First we read it, now we're gonna make it! Hosted by crafter and children's book author Samantha, this show combines a passion for reading with a love of crafting. In each episode, we will read a fabulous kids' book, and then do a craft inspired by the story. Fabulous stories and fun crafts, sure...

  • How We Made a Lemonade Stand Benefiting Childhood Cancer

    In this video we turn our craft table into a lemonade stand with benefiting Childhood Cancer and Alex's Lemonade Stand. Learn more about this amazing young lady, ALEX. Although she lost her life to cancer, her memory and fundraising live on through Alex's Lemonade Stand.

    Hey, and if y...

  • How to Make a Paper Airplane for Kids

    Learn how to create a paper airplane!

  • Surprise Room Makeover

  • CUSTOMIZE YOUR KICKS! with Christian Yeager and Riley Rose

    Cam and Noel are joined by Christian Yeager and Riley Rose, and they have a question for the experts: how to DIY the most epic canvas sneakers?! Join the team as they learn how to customize shoes! Glitter, paint, sharpies-- oh my!

  • Kid's Painting Ideas w/ Danny Go!

    What do all these things have in common? Danny Go shows you how to paint them all! Learn colors, counting, painting and more in this fun learning video for kids!

  • How to Make DIY Wall Art using Plastic Bottle Caps | Butterfly Kids Craft

    Learn how to create this adorable butterfly kids craft using plastic bottle caps, cardboard, mod podge or hot glue gun, paint & beads. Adapt the technique to make whatever animal you'd like.

  • How to Make Crunchy Slime with Foam Beads | Easy Homemade Slime

    Hi friends! This week, we're bringing another homemade slime recipe, but this week we're making it crunchy! In our video we'll be using foam beads; however keep in mind you can use anything you have around the use for a crunchy element. Think about rainbow looms, small beads even legos.

    The mos...

  • Let's Wrap Something up in Tinfoil

    Joel discovers a giant box of tinfoil from his secret admirer, with a challenge to use it all. With the help of his neighborhood friends, Joel sets out to play, cook, and learn about tinfoil, all while trying to use every last piece. Think he can do it?

  • Bubbles Bubbles Bubbles

    Joel feels uninspired by his drawing so he and Brandy get some fun advice from Dr. FulOvit on how to make Bubbles! The episode includes Dr. FulOvit's song "I Love Science" and swinging tune "Bubbles, Bubbles, Bubbles!"

  • #6 - Hello, Molly!

    Super Dan and Lizardo face their greatest challenge yet…a surprise visitor so clever and pink it could only be… a little girl! Weaponized hugs and glitter. She’s sugar and spice, but can the boys play nice? Or will this little sweetie turn sour? Tune in and FIND OUT!

  • Cardboard City DESTROOOOOOY!

    Duffy and his son go downtown and work together to build an EPIC cardboard city… with a surprise ending. Watch out for this kid—his middle name is Adventure. Literally!

  • Danny Go!
    1 season

    Danny Go!

    1 season

    Welcome to Danny Go! A kid's show to help children become confident in their limitless creativity! Lots of music. Lots of silliness. Lots of learning. Come along for the ride!

  • Arts & Crafts by Three Sisters

    1 season

    HEY THERE! We're three sisters who love to make kids crafts. The only problem is we don't drive and Mom doesn't always have time to get to the craft store. So, 60% of our crafts use things around the house; toilet paper rolls, plastic bottles, cotton balls, coffee filters, popsicle sticks, egg ca...

  • Malachi's Cooking Corner

    1 season

    An Online baking show hosted by a father son duo!

  • Yippee Stars at Home

    1 season

    Staying in? So are the stars of some of your favorite Yippee original shows! Check out what they're up to in these super fun videos that are sure to get you giggling and moving!

  • Yonas Gets a Job!

    1 season

    Everyone asks Yonas what he wants to be when he grows up, and that can be a pretty stressful question because, well, HE'S NINE! So what's he gonna do about it? Try ALL THE JOBS. Join Yonas and his friends as he discovers what it takes to do every sort of job from Server to Stuntman. Maybe this wi...

  • Lane Brigade

    3 videos

    Join the ever-adventurous Lane Family for some of the most fun game nights allowed indoors-- or even in the yard for that matter! Whether it’s the Epic S’mores Challenge or a trip to the farm for Mutton Busting this awesome family is sure to inspire!

  • Making Magic at Home with Justin Flom

    1 season

    World-famous Christian Entertainer, Justin Flom, is bringing the joy of wonder to YOU! Justin has toured 100s of churches to encourage everyone that God has given beautiful and special gifts to each of us. While magic isn't real, wonder and entertainment can bring people together just as Justin h...

  • Rock & Roll Wilson Show

    1 season

    Welcome to the Rock'n'Roll Wilson Show! We're a family of seven who loves spending time together by playing and making music! Each episode, we do really fun kid stuff, and then hit the recording studio and make a song about it! Ready? Let's go!

  • The Bethkes: Epic Hawaii

    1 season

    Join Jeff, Alyssa, Kinsley, Kannon, and Lucy as they embark on family adventures across Hawaii and learn lessons in faith.