Busy World of Richard Scarry

Busy World of Richard Scarry

12 Episodes

This fully animated series is based on the books by Richard Scarry which parents worldwide rely on to teach valuable lessons. Busytown is an enchanting place that’s abuzz with energy and life. Young audiences love to sing and laugh along, as Huckle Cat and Lowly Worm make their way through the day. The residents of Busytown always make time for a song and a smile.

Busy World of Richard Scarry
  • The Talking Bread / Couscous, The North African Detective / The Three Fishermen

    Episode 1

    Sergeant Murphy's got his hands full with runaway imaginations. After he finds the 'ghost' in Hilda's attic, it's over to the bakery where he's confronted with "talking" bread. Lowly's the hero when he digests some interesting information, and everyone realizes they were letting their imagination...

  • Best Birthday Present Ever / Patrick Pig Learns To Talk / Grounchy Mr. Gronkle

    Episode 2

    Huckle and Lowly buy a special cuckoo clock for Mother Cat, but because Huckle's bike bell doesn't work, he has an accident and the cuckoo clock breaks. Mr. Fixit saves the day and repairs both the clock and the bike bell. Now the clock is really special - it sounds like a bike bell, and the bike...

  • The Busiest Firefighter Ever / Manuel Of Mexico / The Biggest Catch Ever

    Episode 3

    Huckle and Lowly experience the life of a firefighter when they 'join the force' for the day. Huckle loves the emergencies and daring rescues, but poor Lowly keeps getting banged and bruised. When there's a real fire, Huckle and Lowly step back to let the professionals handle it - and they sure ...

  • Mr. Raccoon's Different Day / The Venitian Gondelier / Best Babysitter Ever

    Episode 4

    Mr. Raccoon is bored with the same old thing everyday so he leaves Mr. Frumble in charge of his restaurant while he goes in search of a change. Mr. Frumble trashes the place, splattering food in every corner. Mr. Raccoon returns and is delighted with the new decorations. The new 'food motif' is j...

  • The Best Mistake Ever / Sneef, The Best Detective In Europe / Camping Out

    Episode 5

    Huckle's off to do Mother Cat's shopping for the first time when he forgets the list. Huckle's sure he knows what to get so he and Lowly buy potato chips instead of potatoes, orange soda instead of oranges, etc. Mother Cat didn't want party food - until Aunt Rose and Lily arrive for a party Mothe...

  • Mr. Frumble's New cars / Ernst And Heidi In The Alps / Billy Dog's Bad Day

    Episode 6

    Instead of picking up his pickle car at Mr. Fixit's, Mr. Frumble mistakenly drives off in a bulldozer. Later, he switches the bulldozer for a taxi, and the taxi for Rudolph's bi-plane, and finally crash lands. When Mr. Fixit tells Mr. Frumble his pickle car has been at his shop all the time a hap...

  • The Accident / Good Luck In Rome / The Missing Bananas

    Episode 7

    The traffic light Mr. Fixit 'fixed' causes a big pile up so he offers to repair all the cars. The drivers decide to repair the cars themselves and a hurt Mr. Fixit locks himself in his shop. No one can fix things like Mr. Fixit, and soon everyone's pleading for his help. Fixit grabs his hammer an...

  • A Trip To The Moon / Pip Pip Goes To London / Floating Bananas

    Episode 8

    Huckle, Lowly, the Three Beggars and Mr. Frumble are accidentally launched to the moon in Mr. Fixit's home made rocket. The landing on the moon is less than smooth, and the rocket breaks. Our astronauts manage to repair the rocket and it's back to Earth for a hero's welcome and some lunch. Pip P...

  • Hat Pie / Hans The Dutch Plumber / Hilda's Romantic Tea Party

    Episode 9

    After Sally, Lowly, and Huckle help Mother Cat make an apple pie, Lowly's yodeler hat is missing. Lowly and Huckle team up with the missing hat expert, Mr. Frumble, and they look high and low but can't find Lowly's hat anywhere. When everyone finally sits down to enjoy the apple pie, Mr. Frumble ...

  • A Big Operation / Cucumber, The African Photographer / Summer Picnic

    Episode 10

    When Huckle has to get his tonsils out, Lowly stays with him in the hospital. Huckle's scared about the operation so he and Lowly tour the hospital, and meet other patients who aren't afraid. Not only does Lowly help his friend overcome his fear, he even gets to eat the ice cream Huckle can't eat...

  • Sergent Murphy's Day Off / The German Chimney Sweep / The Sleeping Car Adventure

    Episode 11

    Sergeant Murphy's got the day planned - a drive and a picnic in the country with his family. But the phone rings, and after that, lots of Busytown emergencies. Sergeant Murphy ends up working his whole day off, but lucky him, the whole town pitches in to throw Sergeant Murphy a surprise picnic si...

  • Busytown Regatta / Schtoompah, The Funny Austrian / Busytown Soap Box Derby

    Episode 12

    Everybody's building boats for the big Busytown Regatta, and Mr. Frumble's all excited - he just loves boats. As soon as the race starts, Mr. Frumble sails out of control and he sinks lots of the other boats. Huckle and Lowly win the race - but mostly because they were the only ones who managed t...