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Squid Sushi Loses His Marbles / Wally The Waiter


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  • The Flaming Monkey / Dough

    Squid Sushi gives Marty and Gerard his restaurant and they turn it into a burger restaurant called 'The Flaming Monkey'. The restaurant becomes so famous that Bob, the president of Booga, wants to book the restaurant for his daughter's wedding banquet. Just before the banquet is to begin, Bob l...

  • Scatter the Seeds / Runaway Dog

    In this episode Gerard and Marty decide that they should become farmers and goes to work on Stan's farm. The two friends find out that Stan owes a lot of bambolies to the evil cow brothers and they agree to help Stan. At first things are disastrous, but with patience and polly's advice on farming...

  • The Big Booga Bank / The Duet Brothers

    A too-fast diving in the pool gives Marty and Gerard the idea to go into banking and the two friends open up their new bank, “The Big Booga Bank”. Then one day, a customer comes to borrow a large sum of bambolies which he spends all in one day and he asks Marty and Gerard to give him a chance to ...